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Rice Puttu, Kadala Curry, Erissery: The Delicious Sadhya Dishes You Need to Relish this Onam

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Representative Images

From traditional Rice Puttu to mouth-watering payasam, Here are 7 Onam sadhya dishes to celebrate the festivities of Onam at your home.

As we celebrate the biggest festival of God’s Own Country, Onam 2020, let the festivities and good food take over.

The 10-day harvest festival which began on August 22 will conclude on September 2. Gigantic banana leaves, fresh flower decorations, power-packed boat races are some of the best highlights of the occasion. Onam Sadhya is a multi-course vegetarian elaborate meal usually spread on banana leaves, while people sit cross-legged on the floor.

Get prepared with recipes of best-loved meals in your Onam Sadhya menu.

1. Erissery

A mildly-spiced curry of pumpkin mixed with grated coconut and cowpeas. It's generously seasoned with a blend of mustard seeds, garlic, green chilies, and crisp curry leaves. The bonafide traditional dish tastes best along with steamed rice.

2. Rice Puttu

Puttu, a traditional dish prepared with rice and coconut is regarded as the cornerstone of an ideal Kerala breakfast. Puttu is enjoyed with 'kadala' curry or 'pazham' (yellow banana) and sugar.

3. Kadala Curry

One of the most popular items in an authentic Kerala feast is this dish. Kadala curry is a classic Malabar gravy serving prepared with black chana and a host of traditional spices.

4. Rasam

Rasam is the most irresistible and sensational element of any South-Indian meal. It is made with lentils tempered with pepper, tamarind, and tomatoes. The dish is of a thin consistency and can be enjoyed as soup or with steamed rice.

5. Pachadi

This side dish leaves the mains way behind when it comes to flavor. Combined with light tones of coconut, pineapple, and curd, this one is then tempered with a blend of chilies and spices. A meal served with Pachadi becomes a mouth-watering feast.

6. Thenga Choru

This one will surely be a winner on your dinner table of Onam Sadhya during the festivities. Thenga choru is a twist to the good ol’ coconut rice as it has a light and smashing blend of spices and chillies and the tang of lemon. Aside from the seasoning, the goodness of lentils and cashews are also the stars in this delicacy.

7. Paal Payasam

What is Onam Sadhya or any celebratory feast without a lip-smacking dessert? Incomplete. This royal payasam prepared in local Kerala style, during auspicious occasions is a must-serve item known for rich flavour and creamy texture. Made of rice cooked in full-fat milk, this typical yet favourite is sweetened with sugar and boosted further by cardamom and saffron.

Happy Onam 2020!