Robbers in Maharashtra Looted Houses in Karnataka, All with the Help of Google Maps

Representative image by Reuters.

Representative image by Reuters.

The duo was arrested recently and ornaments worth Rs 28.08 lakh and a car worth Rs 11.50 lakh were seized from their possession.


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Moving around in big cities, particularly when you are new to the place, can be a task if you are bad with directions. But all that is made easy with Google Maps that even tells you which road to avoid to bypass the traffic jam and the what shortest route to take to reach your destination well before time.

But we are not the only ones who are thanking this mobile phone application. As it happens, the app was used by two burglars to plan their loots, mark their targets in Karnataka while sitting in Maharashtra. They had looted some 11 temples and few houses in Karnataka's Belgavi. The duo was arrested recently and ornaments worth Rs 28.08 lakhs and a car worth Rs 11.50 lakhs were seized from their possession.

The two have been identified as Prasanth Karoshi from Ispurali village in Kohlapur district’s Karaveera taluk and Avinash Adavakar from Damane village in Ajara taluk.

Police said the duo would finalise houses on the outskirts of the city using the maps. They would then observe the targets for some days and upon realising the houses were vacant, they would hit the target and decamp with valuables.

“They would find houses in the outskirts of the city and visit the area and observe a few homes which are locked and vacant for many days. As per the preliminary probe, both robbed jewelry from three houses. They are also involved in a few robberies in Maharashtra,” Crime Branch DCP CR Nilgar was quoted as saying by the Indian Express.

The two men are now in judicial custody and probe is underway.

This is not for the first time that thieves have taken help from technology to plan the crimes. In 2018, two men were arrested from Hyderabad who had been conducting robberies in various localities of Chennai using Google Maps. These men had followed a similar modus operandi. They had first searched for posh localities in Chennai using Google Maps. Next,they took a flight to Chennai from Hyderabad and reached their target in an auto rickshaw. Then, they finalised the houses which were vacant and locked before making the robbery.

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