Russian Fisherman's Collection of Weird, Rare Sea Creatures is Straight Out of Science Fiction

Image credit: Instagram/rfedortsov_official_account

Image credit: Instagram/rfedortsov_official_account

Fisherman Roman Fedortsov is a connoisseur of alien-like sea creatures which he finds 'beautiful'.

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  • Last Updated: November 27, 2019, 7:48 PM IST
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A Russian fisherman has been going viral on social media after he revealed images of strange, alien-like sea creatures on his Instagram feed.

On an average day, Roman Fedortsov, fishes cods, mackerels and haddocks using a commercial trawler. But Fedorotsov is no ordinary fisherman. apart from the regular stock of commercial fish, the 39-year-old also likes to collect odd and often grotesque sea creatures that are extremely rare to find.

His social media feeds are full of photos of such creatures.

Take a look at some of his weird finds:

Some of these creatures don't look like real animals at all but ghoulish props created for the sets of horror films. but not all ofthem are horrific. Some, in fact, look quite cute. Some even resemble cartoon characters.

Fedortsov even comes up with funny names for his finds. The fisherman told Daily Mail that he does not find any fish "ugly" or "scary". "All kinds of fish are beautiful in their own way," he said.

Most of the creatures have been found in the Norwegian and Barents seas north of Russia as well as the Atlantic Ocean. Fedortsov, who has has studied marine science at university in Murmansk, hopes to create awareness about deep sea creatures with his work.

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