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    'Salaam and Appreciation': Anand Mahindra Salutes Bihar Man for Building Scorpio-shaped Water Tank

    Anand Mahindra praises Bihar man for building Scorpio-styled water tank.

    Anand Mahindra praises Bihar man for building Scorpio-styled water tank.

    When Mahindra finally spotted the viral post on the Scorpio-designed water tank, he was all praises.

    Industrialist Anand Mahindra was visibly impressed with the viral pictures of a man erecting a water tank at the top of his house that has been modelled after his first car, a Mahindra Scorpio.

    The incident in Bihar made news recently and the picture of the four-storeyed house with a car on its terrace was widely shared.

    Intasar Alam, who is a resident of Bhagalpur in Bihar, had especially brought over masons from Agra to build the special water tank as a means of paying tribute to his favourite sports utility vehicle.

    When Mahindra, the Chairman of Mahindra Group, finally spotted the creation on Twitter, he was all praises. Saluting Alam’s “affection for his car”, Mahindra wrote, “Now that’s what I call a Rise story. Scorpio Rising to the Rooftop. My salaams & appreciation to the owner. We salute his affection for his first car!”

    His appreciation did not stop as he topped his tweet with another one on Sunday, where he declared that the “brand journey” of any of Mahindra’s products will not be fulfilled unless at least one customer design their water tanks on the basis of the products’ design.

    In the caption, he wrote, “This pic gives a clearer view of his inspiring water tank. From now on, the brand journey of any of our products will not be complete unless at least one customer bases her/his water tank design on it!”

    Alam had reportedly got the idea of modelling his water tank from his wife who saw such a construction on her trip to Agra. The tank not only resembled his Scorpio SUV but also carried the same number plate. Alam revealed that the entire project took the investment of about Rs 2.5 lakh and the masons were paid Rs 1200 as daily wage.

    Interestingly, Scorpio has found a solid fan base in Bihar as many political leaders were also seen riding the Mahindra vehicle for their Bihar Assembly Election 2020 campaigns.

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