Salman Khan's Doppelgänger Has Been Spotted in Karachi and It's Not the One We Knew

Salman Khan's Doppelgänger Has Been Spotted in Karachi and It's Not the One We Knew

Salman Khan's doppelganger was just spotted in Karachi's Bolton Market.

Raka Mukherjee
  • News18.com
  • Last Updated: January 21, 2019, 1:33 PM IST
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Salman Khan has a lot of fans. They come in the range of normal-slightly obsessed 'mega fans', and then there are people who will go to extreme lengths to do absolutely anything for Bhai, ever.

While fans may be common, doppelgängers are perhaps not. A video making the rounds on social media, shows a Salman Khan look alike in Karachi, Pakistan.

The fourteen-second clip features 'Salman Khan' in a full-sleeved grey tee, straightening motorbikes parked on the street. A voice from the video says, 'Salman Khan Bolton market straightens bikes out.'

Netizens even started speculating whether he was "stealing petrol" from the bikes while adjusting them.

However, this isn't Bhai's only Doppelganger from Pakistan. Remember the Salman Khan lookalike who had said, "Jail me instead?" during Bhai's court hearing?

Here's a brief to jog your memory: Husnain Saleem is a die-hard Salman Khan fan and megastar's lookalike from Sialkot, Pakistan. His Instagram bio says, "Husnain Saleem(Salman Khan) Actor/Model/Filmstar." and he's known as Pakistan's unofficial Salman Khan.

This is what will probably help you though. He's the same person who asked the police to jail him instead of Salman Khan during the 2015 hearing.

The jury is, however, still out on whether Husnain is the same person in the video shot in in Bolton Market.

People have started tagging the real Salman Khan on Twitter to clarify if it was him in the video in Karachi, as well. We highly doubt the real Salman Khan who is currently shooting for the movie 'Bharat' will be roaming in the streets on Karachi.

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