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'Sanskari' Facebook and Instagram Ban 'Sexual' Use of Eggplant, Peach Emoji


Last Updated: October 30, 2019, 15:15 IST

'Sanskari' Facebook and Instagram Ban 'Sexual' Use of Eggplant, Peach Emoji

The new rules came into effect in September and are bring criticized for targeting free speech and adult film actors.

Doubling down on efforts to regulate nudity on its photo and video sharing platforms, Facebook has now banned the use of "sexual" emojis such as the peach or eggplant to depict nudity on both Facebook and Instagram. It has even put a ban on images of nudity with emojis covering up vital areas such as the genitalia, butt or women's nipples.

The new terms were mulled earlier in the year and enacted in September. The move is meant to curb "sexual solicitation" on social media using suggestive emojis that could imply that one is horny or having sex and so on. Any user found violating these rules with saucy emoji captions could have their account reviewed or even removed.

Here are some oft he guidelines by Facebook:

As per new rules, seeking sex chats or conversations, sending "sexual" emojis, seeking sex or sexual partners online would be considered "explicit sexual solicitation". The riles also ban posting of sexual or "tantric" sex-related content, footage of intercourse or other carnal activities or even strip clubs.

The announcement follows days after rapper Kanye West accused social media, with its racy and provocative sexual content, of making him suffer the way Jesus suffered.

However, many on social media questioned the move, accusing Facebook of doubling down on harmless emojis but turning a bling eye to racist, communal and sexist content that continues to proliferate in hidden groups, pages and online communities on both Facebook and Instagram.

The news was first reported by XBIZ, a news outlet that caters to the adult film industry in the US. the agency reported that the ban would deeply impact sex workers and porn stars who often advertise their services and portfolios on social media platforms.

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    The news could also spell trouble for general netizens who innocently use the emojis to talk or joke about sex.

    If you did not already know how emojis can be used in sexual context, here's a dirty guide for you: Eggplants are often used to refer to the male genitalia, peaches can be used to refer to a rounded butt, the dripping water emoji can be suggestively used to depict ejaculation.

    first published:October 30, 2019, 14:21 IST
    last updated:October 30, 2019, 15:15 IST