Sara Ali Khan's Instagram 'Throwback' Reveals Our Hypocrisy: Why is Losing Weight 'Inspirational'?

Sara Ali Khan's Instagram 'Throwback' Reveals Our Hypocrisy: Why is Losing Weight 'Inspirational'?

Who are we to say that the Sara who weighed 96 kgs wasn't inspirational but the present-day Sara, who probably weighs a lot less, is?

Jashodhara Mukherjee
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  • Last Updated: September 5, 2019, 7:00 AM IST
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On Wednesday, Sara Ali Khan shared a "throwback" photo of herself on Instagram, which dates back to a time when she weighed more than 90 kgs. And Sara, being the witty and uber cool person that she is, had the perfect caption to go with her post. She captioned it, "throwback to a time, when I couldn't be thrown."

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Throw to when I couldn’t be thrown☠️↩️ #beautyinblack

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Her photo was bombarded with a zillion comments from fans and celebs, most of which were positive in nature. While Kartik Aaryan wrote, "This girl looks like Sara Ali", there were some who tried to make witty puns on the comment and wrote, "Yeh Sara nahi, dher Sara hai."

Of course, there were numerous comments which applauded Sara for her unbelievable transformation and weight loss and complimented her for the same. Some even called it inspirational. But really, how is this "inspirational" or something to look up to? Don't get us wrong. We're all for losing weight for the right reasons, especially if someone's health is at stake, but why does it have to become inspirational only when someone undergoes drastic transformation only to fit into society's definition of what looks good?

Last year, Sara made her talk show debut with Karan Johar's "Koffee with Karan" Season 6, where she appeared along with her father, Saif Ali Khan. On the show, Sara spoke about her weight loss and how suffering from PCOD made it impossible for her to lose weight. Her father intervened and asked if the sheer number of pizzas she consumed while away at college had anything to do with her gaining weight. Just things Indian fathers say, right?

But if there was one thing that stood out during the episode, it's this - Sara spoke about her weight (or even her PCOD, for that matter) very casually, without making too much of an issue about it. Many people have spoken about their own weight loss journeys, often on the same couch, but the highlight has always been on this "remarkable feat" which was to lose all that extra weight. For instance, Sonam Kapoor had once penned a detailed piece about how she spent sleepless nights hating the way she looked. It was only after losing some 35 kgs was she deemed suitable for a leading lady's role. Similarly, Arjun Kapoor too has gone on record multiple times to speak about his weight loss journey, where Salman Bhai was his guiding light.

But in Sara's case, it was different. She spoke about her weight loss and PCOD in the same manner as her parents' divorce. There was no sign of her trying to gain sympathy or attempt to portray her transformation as a revolutionary, life changing event which culminated in her becoming the star that she is today (as is the case for most celebrities).

No, we're not throwing shade at other celebs who too have chosen to lose weight because let's face it, Bollywood is still not ready to accept actors who are "overweight" or deviate from the unwritten beauty standards that are prevalent even today. And who knows, maybe Sara too did it for the same exact reason. But if she's repeatedly gone on record to claim that she was perfectly okay with her being overweight, who are we to take that away? Who are we to say that the Sara who weighed 96 kgs wasn't inspirational but the present day Sara, who probably weighs a lot less, is?

Honestly, it is troubling to think that whether a person can be looked up to or not would be decided on grounds of his or her weight. That's essentially claiming that all their other positive qualities and talents lose their value since a person is not what you'd consider thin, if society standards are to be adhered to. How twisted is that?

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