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#SayNoToWar: Viral Video Featuring Kashmiri Children is Asking Warmongers to Choose Love Instead

#SayNoToWar: Viral Video Featuring Kashmiri Children is Asking Warmongers to Choose Love Instead

The video by 23-years-old Srishti Tehri was shot in the lush greenery and the busy alleys of Kashmir and features locals set against a powerful voiceover.

A 23-year-old student from India has made a video featuring locals and children of Kashmir valley to promote the idea of peace in wake of the Pulwama attack which prompted a series of attacks and threats against Kashmiris living across India.

The aftermath of the dastardly attack on a Central Reserve Police Force convoy in Jammu and Kashmir's Pulwama on Feb 14 spurred a spate of heat and war-mongering in both India and Pakistan, especially on social media.

But while the the war-mongering was scary, thousands of people from both sides of the border also came out and took to streets or social media platforms to advocate peace and to say no to war.

In fact, the #SayNoToWar hashtag was one of the highest trending hashtags on social media following escalation of tensions after the Indian Air Force's attack on alleged terror camps run by Jaish-e-Mohammad in Pakistan' Balakot.

And now, student Srishti Tehri has put out a video on the photo sharing platform Instagram to speak out against the war hysteria and violence that consumed both the neighbouring countries recently. The video, shot in the lush greenery and the busy alleys of the valley, features locals set against a powerful voice over.

Taking the role of the narrator, Tehri describes that in the border areas of the conflicted valley, the people are full of warmth and hospitality. Depicted children, she says not all the children want to become terrorists. Most are smart, bright and warm kids who are just hoping to have a normal childhood.

"Amidst all the chaos between India and Pakistan, I hope you choose humanity," Tehri posted as a caption for the video. "I hope you understand the consequences of what you demand. Millions of lives will be affected. The environment will be harmed. The economics of both the countries will be in shambles. Aren't you done being a keyboard warrior? Aren't you done with all the hate? Hate ignites more hate." Tehri wrote.

"You're humiliating Kashmiris to go back to their state, deeming them jobless and expecting nothing would go wrong. Are you sure? We are a nation. We are in it together. Don't let someone who has nothing to do with the circumstances, suffer. Stand for what's right, no matter what the media tells you. Do what's right, do as your heart tells you.

Today, I hope you choose humanity. #SayNoToWar", the post concluded.

In the voiceover, Tehri asks if these children's lives were worth the war. "These are the people who live at the border... they work hard but.. they do not sleep as well as you at night," Tehri says. She goes on to warn people against warmongering as it could lead to the death or injury of any of these locals who appear on the video.

The video was posted just 23 hours ago and already has over 23,000 views on Instagram. Many of Tehri's followers were heartened by the video and posted warm praise for 23-year-old blogger. "Yes it's all about humanity! The only Religion. It's a great initiative & very inspiring. You are doing such a valuable work for them!," one user wrote in response to the video. "Beautiful and meaningful message what people in our country needs right now. Bravo," wrote another.

After the Pulwama convoy attack in which a local Kashmiri youth, allegedly working with JeM, carried out a fidayeen attack that killed at least 40 jawans, several Kashmiris across the country faced threats and intimidation, even violence and harassment at the hands of local mobs. Many Kashmiri students from places like Dehradun were asked to leave.

On Feb 22, the Supreme Court, in response to a petition, directed police chiefs and Chief Secretaries of states and Union territories to maintain law and order and ensurethe safety of Kashmiris.