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    SC Lawyer Appears Shirtless during Online Hearing, Justice Chandrachud Expresses 'Disgust'

    News18 Creative

    News18 Creative

    The image of the shirtless advocate flashed for a few seconds on the screen, before he realised and immediately logged out.


    Buzz Staff

    In a shocking incident, an advocate appeared shirtless on Monday during an online hearing of a Supreme Court case related to Sudarshan TV’s communal show titled Bindas Bol.

    When the virtual hearing had just begun, the image of the shirtless advocate flashed for a few seconds on the screen, before he realised and immediately logged out, reports Live Law.

    SC Justice DY Chandrachud, who was presiding the bench, repeatedly asked who the advocate was only to be met with no answers. The lawyers was reportedly representing news website, OpIndia.

    Following the appalling incident, the Justice Chandrachud expressed his disgust at the conduct of the lawyer and directed Solicitor General Tushar Mehta to ensure that the "decorum" is followed during virtual hearing.

    Chandrachud further observed that he doesn't wish take action against any lawyer in such a situation, but urged them to be extra cautious when they appear before virtual hearings as part of the 'full-fledged regular courts'.

    Mehta, too, referred to the incident 'bad and the action 'unpardonable'.

    With the coronavirus pandemic pushing the world within the folds of video calls, courts have been holding virtual hearings and this isn't the first instance when a lawyer violated the basic decorum.

    The Gujarat High Court did not take it lightly when it saw a lawyer smoking during a virtual hearing in September. The court was hearing cases through video conferencing.

    During one such hearing, Justice A S Supehia noticed that the complainant's lawyer was sitting in a car and smoking. The court chided the lawyer, J V Ajmera, for his "irresponsible conduct" and imposed a fine on him.

    The judge further said, "This Court seriously deprecates such conduct of advocate J V Ajmera," it said in an order and asked him to deposit Rs 10,000 in the registry within a week. "It was not expected from an advocate to be smoking in the car during Court proceedings. Such behaviour of the advocate is required to be strictly condemned," reported PTI.

    After this episode, the court has also barred advocates from attending proceedings from "any vehicle or any open ground".

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