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Shah Rukh Khan Quotes His Late Father After Fan on Twitter Asks if Actor is 'Jobless'

Image Credits: Twitter/@iamsrk

Image Credits: Twitter/@iamsrk

Shah Rukh Khan was back with his AMA (Ask Me Anything) #AskSRK session on Twitter with thousands of questions flooding in from fans.

Shah Rukh Khan once in a while makes a cameo on his personal Twitter account and when he does, his brief presence becomes the top trend on microblogging site. On Friday, the actor was back with his AMA (Ask Me Anything), with the hashtag #AskSRK on the microblogging platform. He announced the session with a tweet saying, “This could be the earliest #AskSrk I am doing. If like me you all are awake early let’s have a 15 minutes conversation. Love srk," and soon, thousands of questions started flooding in from fans. While he answered several questions ranging from the release of his next film to what inspires him, it was his answer to a particular question about him being jobless that is winning the hearts of fans.

During the AMA session, a Twitter user asked SRK if he too had become jobless like the user. To this, the actor replied, “Jo kuch nahi karte….woh…" Roughly translated, this means, “People who don’t do anything… They…"


While the sentence seemed incomplete and perhaps out of context, SRK fans would know that the actual line is: “Jo kuch nahi karte woh kamaal karte hai." This was said by Taj Mohammad Khan, SRK’s late father. The famous line was once used by SRK on a television show.

Appearing on a talk show with Bollywood veteran Anupam Kher, SRK had quoted his late father when he was quizzed about his son’s future. “What does your son want to be?" asked Kher. “Maine bhi use wahi kaha hai jo mere baap ne kaha tha. ‘Jo kuch nahi karte woh kamal karte hain’ (I told my son what my father told me. Those who do nothing, do great things)," SRK said, before adding what his father told him. ‘Hum tumhari umar mein pahado pe nange pair chadh jaate the. Tum chadhna chaho toh chadh jaao. Nahi chadhna chaho toh kuch mat karna. Jo kuch nahi karte woh kamal karte hain’ (At your age, we used to climb the mountains barefoot. If you want to climb, go ahead. If you don’t want do, don’t. Those who do nothing, do great things)."

While there were a plethora of questions, the actor could not answer all and ended the session by promising his fans of staying in touch.

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first published:June 25, 2021, 15:45 IST