Shenga: Move Over Jenga, Desi Version of Popular Block Game is Here and Internet's Loving it

Image tweeted by @trollpwnde.

Image tweeted by @trollpwnde.

A Twitter user from India has come up with a desi version of the popular wooden block game Jenga.

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You might have played board games and Jenga with your buddies at home or while visiting cafes. We might grow and adopt as many foreign habits as we want to, but nothing makes us happier than having a desi version of all things possible. Be it paneer tikka pizza, or masala pasta, Indians have a jugaad version of everything around.

In a similar fashion, a Twitter user has come up with an Indian version of the popular wooden block game Jenga. The game is similar to how we play Jenga, the only difference being, instead of putting Jenga blocks, the user has used groundnuts.

He called the name 'Shenga', a Hindi name for groundnuts in a shell. He posted the picture with the caption, “Just invented this new game called Shenga.”

Naturally, several Twitter users were drawn to the picture. While some hailed it the "best game ever", others called it a brilliant concept.

This is what the users commented:

The Bengaluru-based youth made many users break into laughter with his innovative skills.

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