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'Your Mic is On': Shweta Memes Take Over Desi Internet after Video Call Gaffe Goes Viral

Tweeted by @CutestFunniest.

Tweeted by @CutestFunniest.

A video circulating on the Twitter and YouTube shows a certain Shweta spilling beans on a phone call after she forgets to mute her mic on a video conference with 111 participants onboard.

“Shweta, your mic is on.”

A viral snippet of a supposed video call of Shweta has taken the Indian internet by a storm. It’s where she forgets to mute herself.

Work from home amid coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has changed the way we work, study, hang out with fam or even take examinations. Our living rooms are our new offices, classrooms and video calling apps are our new virtual conference halls. However, these virtual meeting halls have caused many incidents of embarrassment.

From Texas county attorney Rod Ponton appearing live with a cat filter on to a man who had a bizarre filter of himself opening door behind while he was on a Zoom call– we have virtually seen it all.

Meanwhile, in India, “Shweta” is currently the top trending topic on Twitter and a look at google trends only shows the curiosity among the fellow Indians who are simply typing away: “Who is Shweta?” on google search box.

And honestly, we do not know either. What we do know is there is a video circulating on the web that shows a certain Shweta’s apparent gaffe after she forgot to mute her mic on a zoom call that had 111 participants onboard.

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While it is unclear whether the call was real or a work of fiction, it sure is all over the Internet right now.

In the viral video, “Shweta” can be heard speaking to her friend over a call as the participants keep asking her to mute her mic. And this goes on for a good couple of minutes.

Note: Explicit content, you have been warned.

Since then netizens have taken off with “Shweta” memes.

Will the real Shweta please stand up?

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