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Siblings Honour Dad With Tattoos of His Final Note After He Dies of Covid-19

Image for representation, Credits: Reuters

Image for representation, Credits: Reuters

Anna and Abrielle paid tribute to their father who passed away from Covid – 19 by getting his last note tattooed

Anna Harp and Abrielle Clausing, two sisters of six siblings, are daughters of Rudolph Clausing. The two always admired their father for his quality of effortlessly being able to make someone smile and be friends with them. For the girls, their father was the most hardworking and selfless person they have ever known. As per Anna, both the sisters were extremely concerned about their father’s health since the time COVID – 19 started. As Rudolph suffered from a hereditary lung disease, their father catching Covid was the sisters “worst nightmare”. Weeks ahead of Thanksgiving, the worst happened as Covid caught hold of Rudolph. He was admitted to a hospital in the month of January when one night the family saw that he was unwell. According to Anna, her father was not recovering. “It just seemed like, his lungs were just tired and they couldn’t work anymore,” she said.

For two months, their father kept battling with the disease and in the process was sent in and out of the hospital. The day Rudolph died he left a note which said, “It has been such a good life”. The girls and their mother got the note when they went to bid adieu to him.

Anna and Abrielle decided to get their father’s last words tattooed as a tribute to him. On TikTok, Anna posted a video of them getting the tattoo. Then, something she never expected happened, the clip received over a million views and a number of heart touching comments. Harp says that all those comments made her feel that she was not alone.

Anna mentioned that the note proved how selfless her father was who thought of others even in his last time. He wrote the note for his family to know that he was at peace. He passed away on January 13.


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first published:July 01, 2021, 14:27 IST