Six Months of 'Work from Home': These Tweets Capture the Essence of New Normal in Pandemic

Image for representation.

Image for representation.

From waking up 10 minutes before the zoom meeting to not having dressed up for the office, here are some of the funny tweets on work from home.

Work from home has become the new normal amid COVID-19. Many social media users have shared pictures of working from home on social media sites since the start of the ongoing pandemic. The new changes in working habits come along with many challenges. However, people are enjoying the difficulties and also adjusting to it.

From waking up 10 minutes before the zoom meeting to not having dressed up for the office, here are some of the funny tweets on work from home:

1.Business tycoon Anand Mahindra recently share a meme on Twitter, which shows the difference between the reality and expectation of ‘work from home’. In the expectation part of the picture, a smartly dressed man was seen working on laptop while the reality side showed another man wearing a lungi cooking in the kitchen along with a laptop next to the cooking stove.

“On a lighter note, this is from my #whatsappwonderbox,” he tweeted along with meme and confessed that he did wear lungi under his shirt during video calls while on WFH.

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2. Tweeter user JulieanneSmolinski wrote about the weird sounds and awkward reactions during a conference call. She tweeted, “During social distancing, it’s important to remember good conference call etiquette.”

3. Irena Buzarewicz shared a meme on her tweeter handle regarding the difficulties faced while working from home. In the meme, a lady was lifting her cat, again and again, to keep them away from the finished copies on her typewriter. The pets nagged around their owners, giving them hard and irritating times.

4. Lindsay (Bruce) Crider, who was on the team Shakira at NBC The Voice, had posted a video of herself, singing a song on the title 9 to 5(WFH edition). The lyrics were composed by her. She describes the things that happened every day when you work from home, from waking up one hour before video meeting, testing the Wi-Fi and muting microphones so that others don’t hear unwanted sounds.

5. Deepak Rayalu shared a picture on his handle showing the situation of having kids around while you are working. In the picture, two kids were playing with paper-made aeroplane around the man, who was working on his laptop. One of the girls was seen flying the plane on the head of the person.

6. Tweeter user Sunnytizer shared a small clip of the movie Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gam, edited with the title ‘meeting your favourite co-worker after quarantine ends’. It took the part when the loving son meets her mother after ages.

7. Tazeen Syed posted a funny picture depicting how our mothers are embarrassed us when we are attending video calls with the office colleagues at home. “Desi Moms be like during the current #WFH situations. My mother has legit done this when she met one of my previous bosses,” she wrote along with the picture.

8. Anisha Creation twitter account posted a cartoon of an octopus, multitasking with laptop, mouse, noodles, calculator, coffee, calendar and talking on the phone. The picture was titled as ‘Octobusy’. She also captions it as,“Working from home: Level Octobusy” with an octopus emoji at the end.

9. Editor of Wired, Nicolas Thompson shared a tweet, saying “Day three of wfh is going well. My 6-year-old, wearing a giant inflatable penguin costume, just joined a Zoom conference call with all the other Conde Nast EICs.” Kids can really be annoying at times but they ease out the long hectic schedule of tiresome work.


10. Shakira Andrea Sison updated her status on twitter saying about the one advantage of working at home. The poet wrote, “The number one benefit of working from home is not wearing a bra”.

11. Ben "limited breadsticks" Flores shared a picture and quote as “halfway through the first day of working from home at the same time as your spouse.” The picture show women saying ‘I think you are the most annoying person I have ever met.’ The picture tells the reality, the lockdown has made everyone stress-out so much that couples are arguing more than ever.

12. Scott Day has tweeted,“Just to recap the first 90 minutes of working from home... - 8 am: 7-year-old asks me if I got fired. - 9:30 am: Every time I'm not at my computer or on my phone, my 4-year-old tells me, ‘Dada, you're not working enough’ Good start.”

13. Reporter of The Nation, Ken Klippenstein joked,“You’re working from home because of coronavirus; I’m working from home because I don’t have a real job. We are not the same.” In some cases, people do freelancing job, which is a stay at home job.

14. Allison wrote on tweeter ‘working from home is a very exciting opportunity to learn what my roommate’s job is.’ It really helps us to know more about our roommates then before because everyone was so busy with their job that they don’t have times for others.

15. Investigative journalist, Polly Mosendz from Ukraine tweeted that people are more hungry and often goes to the kitchen more after working from home. She wrote ‘the problem with working from home is that you can make as many sandwiches as you want and it turns out i want a lot of sandwiches.’ Indeed you can relate to yourselves.

Many working employees are so exhausted with this phrase that they find it hard not to react anymore. Since the WFH phenomenon is testing enough and becoming hard to deal with, they are taking to online social media platforms to express in all honesty that the email is not finding them well and is making a way straight to the trash folder.

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