Smart or Jugaad? Hamster's Innovative Way of Navigating Maze Is Impressing Netizens

Image credits: Twitter.

Image credits: Twitter.

One user even posted, it is not jugaad, but rather, Indian "traffic sense."

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A hamster has taken internet by storm with its innovative skills of navigating through the labyrinthine lanes of a complex maze.

The short video clip, which was originally shared on Twitter by Harsh Goenka, the chairman of RPG Group conglomerate, shows the brown and white rodent smartly navigate from one end of the maze to the other.

Instead of following a path in its quest towards completing the maze, the 15-second clip shows the hamster hops around and climbs over the narrow cardboard walls creating the maze and reaches the other end of the complex structure.

Taking to Twitter, Harsh Goenka posted the short clip, alongside the caption, "Is it Indian? #jugaad"

The video, which has already garnered 4.56 million views, saw people posting a number of comments to it, with some even agreeing that it is indeed 'jugaad' while some just said that the hamster is 'smart.'

While one user wrote that the hamster is representative of them when the boss says, “complete the target anyhow," another user went on to post that while "any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex & violent. It takes a touch of genius & lot of courage to move in opposite direction."

A third user even posted, it is not jugaad, but rather, Indian "traffic sense."

Here's what people posted:

This is not the first time that a hamster has gone viral on social media. Recently a Twitter user Steph took to her social media wall and shared the story of how her father ended up "getting really attached" to their pet hamster when she left for college and when somehow, Chester escaped, chaos followed.

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