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Snake Found Curled Around Staircase Handrail in Delhi Bank, Triggers Panic Among Staff

Representative image of snake.

Representative image of snake.

The snake has been released back into the wild.

A four-foot-long checkered keelback, commonly known as Asiatic water snake, entered a bank in Delhi's New Friends Colony on Thursday, triggering panic among staff.

The snake was found curled around the handrail of the staircase leading to the basement, a bank official said.

The authorities immediately contacted NGO Wildlife SOS which rushed two trained snake rescuers to the location.

The snake has been released back into the wild.

"Though non-venomous, keelbacks turn aggressive when threatened, and may bite in retaliation or self-defence. Caution needs to be maintained while carrying out such rescue operations," Wildlife SOS co-founder and CEO, Kartick Satyanarayan said.

The checkered keelback is one of the most frequently encountered semi-aquatic snakes in India. Their preferred habitat is or near freshwater lakes and rivers. They feed mainly on small fish and water frogs.

Recently, two pythons were found entangled in a JCB in Odisha. The deadly reptiles were rescued with the help of locals and snake rescue experts. They were later released in a nearby forest around the area. This was done in the presence of forest officials.

According to reports, the incident happened during a beautification project that was underway at the water reservoir in Paligumula village of Berhampur.

The driver of the JCB machine revealed that they spotted the big snakes while they were digging the soil in the canal. He anticipates that the snakes would have been hibernating there as the temperature has dipped significantly in the state.

He also revealed that one of the snakes became aggressive and made attempts to attack the people present at the spot. Eventually, snake rescue experts were called. With the help from locals and experts, both the pythons were removed from the machine.

In another shocking incident that was reported recently, a person in Mumbai put a used condom on a snake's mouth causing it extreme discomfort.

According to reports, the incident was reported on Saturday, January 2 near Green Meadows housing society in Kandivali East area of Mumbai. The irregular movement of the snake was observed around 8:30 am IST. A person had informed a snake rescuer after he spotted the reptile.

Mita Malvankar, a snake rescuer informed the daily that she was called to the spot in Kandivali East by Vaishali Tanha, a local resident. She was informed by the local that the snake was moving in an erratic manner. It was only after she reached the spot and went near the snake that she realised that the thing being referred to as a plastic bag was actually a used condom. The snake on which the disgusting act was performed has been identified as Checkered Keelback.

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first published:February 05, 2021, 13:52 IST