Snakes Can Glide, But Did You Know They Can Fly Too? Here's How They Do It

Photo: Canva

Photo: Canva

The paradise tree snake can actually launch itself through air.

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Majority of the people across the world would possibly get scared on sighting a snake slithering on the ground. For people falling in that category there is some scarier news while for the ones who are curious to know more about the reptile there is interesting information.

Chrysopelea paradisi, the paradise tree snake can actually launch itself through air. A research carried out by a team of scientists from Virginia Tech has done a detailed study on how these snakes glide through air.

According to a report published in CNN (https://edition.cnn.com/2020/06/30/world/flying-snakes-movement-study-scli-intl-scn/index.html), one must note that all snakes undulate while they are moving on the ground but the ones that fly also do the same as well in the air.

Isaac Yeaton, lead author of the research paper, told CNN, “You don't strictly need to undulate to fall, so that leads to the question 'well then why are they undulating. Snakes are “question-generating organisms" and there are plenty more mysteries to be solved. As soon as you watch it you're like 'how does it do that? We have a visceral response to snakes. Then the idea that this animal can then fly is very unsettling to people."

The study carried out by Isaac and his team has been published in the journal Nature Physics.

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