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YearEnder2018: This is How Social Media Came Together to Help Make a Better 2018

YearEnder2018: This is How Social Media Came Together to Help Make a Better 2018

2018 has seen a lot unfold - but it has also seen several social media initiatives to do good for people.

2018 was quite a year. While there were a lot of tragedies and adversities, it also showed us how, this year, more than ever before, people searched for 'Good.'

This year also saw a coming together of different people on social media to help each other out for a good cause.

Let us explore some of the examples of these 'good' initiatives.

Kerala Flood Relief Operations

While this year saw one of the most devastating flood situations in Kerala, it also saw people come together in many ways,

It saw people raising awareness about the disaster, trying to find and locate families by using social media, and exactly where you could help contribute to the #RebuildKerala fund.

It saw celebrities in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, donating to the relief and encouraging more people to do so, by setting an example.

It also saw an amazing amount of kind actions by people which were shared all over social media, to give the due credit to these heroes.

Inspiring, thoughtful, and truly humbling tales of how people contributed in their own little way to the flood relief.

It saw good deeds and rescue operations get lauded on social media. It also saw people combat fake news and reward the ones who were real life heroes.

It showed us that India is a country full of heroes - both online, and offline, who stick by each other in times of adversity.

The #MeToo India Movement

After a Twitter user called out comedian Utsav Chakraborty on Twitter, social media in India became a wave of support of women speaking up about their accusers, and what led to eventual resignations.

It also saw action, and how women were not ready for dismissal of their experiences just yet, and how it became a process - a process of women opening up about their experiences, and other people believing them, and having the platform to speak up about it finally.

It showed us that for harassers, it was truly, #TimesUp.

When Social Media went on a hunt to find a singer for Shankar Mahadevan

Rakesh Unni, a rubber plantation worker from Kerala, got to perform live in front of people he absolutely adores - Kamal Haasan and Shankar Mahadevan.

After Shankar Mahadevan's tweet, social media went on to find him in real life - and when they did - he got the opportunity of a lifetime. The Internet couldn't be happier.

All tickets at Mumbai Stadium sold out after Sunil Chhetri's humble appeal

In what seems like a miracle, considering the football scene in India, tickets to the match between India and Kenya officially been sold out.

Sunil Chhetri, one of the greatest footballers that India has produced, made a heartfelt plea on Twitter to all the fans of Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Cristiano Ronaldo-- "abuse us, criticise us but please come to watch the Indian national team play."


Following this, every single ticket for the football match was sold out.

The power of social media, everyone.

In a dramatic Twist to the PewDiePie and T-Series War, the gamer raised 1.6 crore rupees for poor Indian kids

The PewDiePie vs T-series conflict brought out the worst in PewDiePie's fans.

PewDiePie took to YouTube and said that he has seen a growing number of fans leaving racist comments about Indians in the on-going subscriber war with T-Series and he isn't happy about it.

To make up for this, PewDiePie recently set up a donation campaign for Indian non-governmental organisation Child Rights and You and urged his "9-year-old" Bro army to help the underprivileged kids in India.

“I’m getting more attention now than I’ll probably ever get,” PewDiePie said in his video. “So why not just take that fact and redirect it to something more positive?"

Following this move by the gamer, thousands of fans of the Youtuber also donated to the fund!

When the entire Internet came together to help find Yosemite's Mystery Couple.

Ever seen a photo of a couple taken at a serene location and thought, 'I wonder who they are?' So did this photographer and thousands of others.

Matthew Dippel, the photographer took to Twitter and Facebook to ask for help to find the mystery couple, and social media obliged.

In a week's time, Dippel posted an update on his social media account that he had finally found the mystery couple - Charlie Bear and his fiancée Melissa, who live in Alhambra.

"UPDATE: I FOUND THEM. Everyone meet, Charlie Bear and his fiancé Melissa the happy couple that was out on the point in my Taft Point Proposal. In short, I captured the second proposal, the more special and official one in Charlie’s words. Huge congratulations to you two. I wish I was able to meet you in person and hug you. I’m glad I finally found you to share this special moment with you, thanks for being so awesome, maybe one day we will finally meet in person!"

2018 may have been a year with several tragedies and adversities in it, but it also saw a coming together of people to help each other and truly unite for good.

The Internet was truly, 'Good' in 2018.