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Spicy Snacks, Magic Mops: Viral 'Middle-class Starter Pack' Meme Reminds Mumbaikars of Home

The viral 'Mumbai middle class starter pack' meme | Credit: Reddit

The viral 'Mumbai middle class starter pack' meme | Credit: Reddit

What does a middle-class starter pack look like in the rest of India?

A Reddit user recently shared a meme on what a Mumbai middle-class starter pack would look like and the post seems to have struck a nerve with Mumbaikars.

The original post’s must-have list included a wooden/marble temple completed with lights and pictures, polyester net covering for sofa covers, steel box for keeping sewing needs, plastic cover for electronic devices, a magic mop, chatpata (spicy) snacks packet, water bottles with any ‘ware’ brand and restored carry bags.

The highly relatable meme seemed to strike a chord with Mumbaikars as the post was bombarded with upvotes and comments and even prompted several users to suggest other items that they thought the list had missed.

A user wrote, “Stack of old newspapers for bhangarwala. From that money make snack party with siblings,” while another said, “Adding few more to the list: 10 year-old T-shirt as a pochha /bardan, using grill as a drying rack, a heavy wooden teapoy which keeps on questioning its own existence because no one uses it, Asian paints’ used bucket in the bathroom/toilet for various reasons.”

Others also gave their input, adding a steel plate with compartments, Godrej’s steel almirah, re-using wrapping papers, maroon/brown/gold curtains and special utensils just for the guests.

We wonder what such a meme for other states would look like.

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