'Spiderwoman Beats Hulk': Judge's Brooch Viral After Historic Boris Johnson Verdict

'Spiderwoman Beats Hulk': Judge's Brooch Viral After Historic Boris Johnson Verdict

UK supreme court judge Lady Brenda Hale struck down PM Boris Johnson's prorogation of Parliament as 'unlawful'.

Lady Brenda Hale, the chief of the top court in Britain set social media ablaze with her plain-spoken and historic gutting of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament, which the court struck down unanimously, two weeks after the House of Commons shuttered.

"Parliament has not been prorogued", the verdict read down by Hale said, calling the move "unlawful, void and of no effect".

It wasn't just her fiery judgement, however, that got people talking. Along with the judge's stern words, another unlikely object caught the public eye - a bejeweled spider brooch, pinned to her lapel.

Many commentators reflected that the brooch was far more than an accessory. When seen in relation to Hale's Verdict, it was a symbol of power.

Social media was soon abuzz with praises of the judge with many speculating the meaning of her spider brooch. Actress Ingrid Oliver wrote "I am particularly loving Lady Hale’s ‘Black Widow ― Queen of Justice’ vibe." Whatever the comparison, most agreed that the brooch was "significant".

A BBC report has revealed that more than 2,000 graphic black T-shirts with spider insignia matching the brooch has been sold, earning trending status on ebay and a Twitter account named “Lady Hale’s Spider Brooch” has cropped up as well.

This is not the first time that a woman in a powerful position has used brooches or pins to make a point. In one of the most popular such instances, the Queen of UK herself had displayed what many called brooch defiance by wearing one gifted to her by Barack Obama while meeting with President Donald Trump. Many observers at the time saw it as a mark of the Queen's disapproval of the current POTUS.

Brooch-statements are popular in the US as well. As Secretary of State under the Bill Clinton administration, Madeline Albright famously wore a snake brooch during a meeting with Iraqi officials after state media in Iraq called her an "unparalleled snake".

Hale herself is the owner of several brooches, insects being her favourite design. Meanwhile, in her verdict, the SC chief said that Johnson’s request to the queen to suspend the lawmaking body for five weeks until the middle of October was unlawful. She added that it had the effect of frustrating or preventing the ability of Parliament to carry out its constitutional functions without reasonable justification.

Reading from a stack of papers, Lady Hale added that the Parliament has not been prorogued and that it is the unanimous judgment of all 11 justices.

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