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Starbucks Barista in San Diego Gets Rs 43 Lakh 'Tip' for Refusing to Serve Woman without Face Mask

(Image credit: Twitter/ @kevsioco)

(Image credit: Twitter/ @kevsioco)

The customer took to Facebook saying that the barista had refused to serve her for not wearing a mask. But the post backfired and support poured in for the barista instead.

Funds of Rs 43,10,000 have been raised for a barista at Starbucks in San Diego for refusing to serve a woman who didn't wear a face mask amid the coronavirus scare.

As per California's rules, every person needs to wear a face mask when they step out in a public place. When Lenin Gutierrez, the barista, refused to serve customer Amber Lynn Gilles her order, she was prompt in posting a picture of the barista on Facebook. "Meet lenen [sic] from Starbucks who refused to serve me cause I'm not wearing a mask. Next time I will wait for cops and bring a medical exemption," she wrote in the caption.

The post, however, backfired and immense support poured in for Gutierrez for having stood his ground.

This eventually followed fundraising page GoFundMe to raise a tip for the dedicated seller and it said, "Raising money for Lenin for his honorable effort standing his ground when faced with a Karen in the wild."

In a video, Gutierrez explained his side of the story and explained that he was assigned duty as the front desk cashier. On seeing a woman without a mask, Gutierrez asked whether she could wear one to which Gilles had replied, "No, I don't need one."

Gutierrez said that after a while Gilles returned to take a snap of his face and also asked his name.

"It's so shocking to see something get so big that only happened within a few minutes," Gutierrez said in the Facebook video.

Gutierrez, who's a passionate dancer, thanked the fund raiser page as this only allowed him to "fuel his passion better now". "It’s just amazing to see that I can actually make these dreams of pursuing more into dance a thing now. Thank you so much for it.” he said.