When a Stealthy Parrot Befriended Alexa to Order Treats From Amazon

When a Stealthy Parrot Befriended Alexa to Order Treats From Amazon

Rocco is the same African Gray parrot that was kicked out of the National Animal Welfare Trust sanctuary in Berkshire for using abusive words.

A rogue parrot recently teamed up with Alexa and placed several orders for snacks on Amazon without the knowledge of its human.

While foul-mouthed parrots are a common sight on social media these days, Rocco, an African Grey parrot living in the UK recently graduated to petty crime. According to a report in BBC, the bird allegedly made an accomplice out of Alexa, Amazon's virtual voice assistant, and has been regularly placing orders for food items on Amazon.

Some of Rocco's favourite treats include ice creams, raisins, fruits like watermelon and strawberries and even broccoli. And now it seems the bird has developed a taste for crime. Apart from food, Rocco has also placed for a kite, light bulbs as well as a kettle. Maybe the (early) bird was getting some Christmas shopping done?

African Grey parrots are known for their ability to mimic sounds and words. But this one is a particularly wily avian. Initially kept at the National Animal Welfare Trust sanctuary in Berkshire, the bird had to be transferred out of the institution due to fears that its 'abusive' behaviour may offend visitors.

This was when a worker at the sanctuary, Marion Wischnewski, offered to shelter the bird. However, Wischnewski, who is a resident of Oxforshire, noticed that the bird soon made friends with Alexa and started sneakily ordering items off the c-commerce portal.

Thankfully, child lock placed on Wischnewski's Amazon account prevented the bird from completing the transactions and they remained in cart. Wischnewski now comes home after work everyday and checks her account for unusual activity.

According to reports, Rocco and Alexa are the best of friends. The former often uses it to play music, games and to make general conversations.

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