'Stop the Count': Donald Trump's Twitter Meltdown Has Become an Internet Meme About Sesame Street

Image Credits: Twitter.

Image Credits: Twitter.

Donald Trump wanted to stop the 'count' of votes, but Twitter purposely misinterpreted it into the 'count' from Sesame street and turned it into a meme.


Buzz Staff

Two days after polling has closed, votes for the US Presidential Elections 2020 is still being counted - and there still seems a long way to go.

As the margin for win narrows down, as well as current US President Donald Trump's chances of winning, we may have the final winner already, and we're calling it - it's the Count from Sesame Street.

Donald Trump appearing to have a mini-meltdown on Twitter, wrote in all caps, "STOP THE COUNT."

Trump is alleging "voter fraud," for which he has no substantial claim to prove it. His allegations, however, aren't going too well either - Greta Thunberg used his own insult to troll him for it, as well as most top Republicans from Trump's own party refusing to even slightly agree to his baseless assumptions and publicly rebuking him for it.

Netizens on Twitter, who are having a field day on Trump's meltdown, didn't stop there - they purposely misinterpreted the 'count' from Trump's tweet. They 'assumed' it was Count Dracula from Sesame street. And then the memes started.

And they still haven't stopped - the same way that the counting of votes in the US hasn't stopped, even though the margin for victory for Biden, and the difference in votes to turn states 'blue' is still rapidly increasing.

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