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Stupid of the Day: Australian Politician Has a Problem with Indian-Style Toilets

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Last Updated: August 24, 2016, 15:02 IST

Stupid of the Day: Australian Politician Has a Problem with Indian-Style Toilets

This woman has way too much free time!

There can be a billion different things that should be on a politician's agenda. Some may be important, others less so. But actively waging a war against Indian-style squat toilets is the most bizarre thing ever. And an Australian politician is doing just that!

Pauline Hanson, a Queensland representative in the Australian senate, is worried about how an Australian taxation office in Melbourne has introduced Indian-style squat toilets to cater to the 20 per cent of the workforce that is from a non-English speaking background.

“We are committed to maintaining an inclusive workplace that engages, informs and supports all our employees, whatever their background. This commitment includes building designs with a range of facilities that cater for the different needs of our employees" said an official from the aforementioned taxation office to the Herald Sun.

Her video comes with the caption "Just when you thought our PC brigade couldn't be any more backward, someone came up with an idea to put squat toilets into the new Australian Tax Office in Melbourne. Why? Because over 20% of the ATO workforce in Melbourne come from NON ENGLISH SPEAKING BACKGROUNDS."

The important question this politician asks is “if they can’t work out how to use a westernised toilet, how are they expected to work out our tax system?”

“I know what is more confusing than using our toilets, it is doing our tax” she added.

Her insinuation is that those who might be more comfortable squatting while taking a dump may just not be intelligent enough to figure out Australian taxation laws. Well ma'am we'd just like to say

Pauline Hanson's war against toilets can also find it's roots in xenophobia and racism which is evident from one of her replies to a question posed to her. A Facebook user commented on her video with a simple question: "And how much is this costing the Australian taxpayer?"

Her answer was worrisome, to say the least: "It's not just a matter of dollars Wade. It starts with toilets and ends with costing us our Australian way of life."

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Okay, then.

first published:August 24, 2016, 14:55 IST
last updated:August 24, 2016, 15:02 IST