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'Sums Up the Presidency': Internet Has a Field Day After 'Toilet Paper' Gets Stuck to Donald Trump's Shoe

(Image: Reuters)

(Image: Reuters)

Donald Trump is once again viral for all the wrong reasons.

Parth Sharma
  • Last Updated: October 5, 2018, 5:51 PM IST
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US President Donald Trump is often in the news for all the peculiar reasons. The President who is often under the scanner for posting preposterous updates on social media, went viral (yet again) after a video of Trump boarding the Air Force One with a piece of toilet paper stuck to his left shoe made headlines on the internet.

In video, Trump can be seen walking with a piece of white paper stuck to his left shoe while he boarded the aircraft at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International airport on Thursday. The video immediately went viral after the Internet assumed the paper was in fact toilet paper. Whether it was truly a piece of toilet paper or something else could not be verified. But while the world watched, Trump, clearly oblivious of the faux pas, did not seem to notice the the white 'paper' clinging to his shoe. 

While the 'paper' came off as he entered the aircraft, it was enough for the Internet. Jokes and memes involving Trump and toilet paper soon ensued at the POTUS's expense:

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