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'Superbad' Actor Seth Rogen Responds to Underaged Kid's Arrest Over 'McLovin' Fake ID

'Superbad' Actor Seth Rogen Responds to Underaged Kid's Arrest Over 'McLovin' Fake ID

While in 'Superbad', Seth and Evan managed to get away with buying booze with the comically terrible license, a 20-year-old, hailing from Iowa, US, wasn't fortunate enough.

Remember the 2007 teen comedy film Superbad where in an effort to lose their virginity, two curious teenagers use a fake ID for "McLovin" to buy alcohol for a party?

That poorly designed yet hilarious licence became an icon for fake IDs ever since.

Well, even after all these years, fans can still buy the recreated IDs on Amazon for as low as $7 (Rs 500).

Taking a cue from this, Daniel Alfredo Burleson from Iowa, USA, a 20-year-old, was taken into custody for underage drinking and possessing a fictitious ID.

When asked to present his ID, police recovered the fake Hawaiian licence with the name "McLovin" imprinted on it.

Superbad's Seth and Evan, who were named after the movie's writers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, managed to get away with buying vodka with the comically terrible license.

However, Burleson wasn't that fortunate. When Iowa City police asked Burleson for his ID, he refused to provide. Instead, he was slurring and held "beverage containing vodka," the Iowa City Press-Citizen reports. Thereafter, when the police took him out of the bar, Burlseson presented them his real ID, which proved that he was under 21.

Despite getting caught, the police caught an eye on his fake Hawaiin ID, where “McLovin’s” date of birth was listed as June 3, 1981. Turns out that the cops evidently hadn’t watched Superbad for they had a dispatcher run a search of the fake ID. Obviously, it failed to turn up a result.

The 20-year-old was charged with intoxication in public, possession of alcohol while underage, and possession of a fictitious license.

Well, the whole fiasco didn’t miss Superbad’s writer Seth Rogen’s eye and he took to Twitter to announce that his “work here is done”.

Rogen had started writing the script of the film when he was 13 years old.

Burleson, on the other hand, didn’t seem that bothered with his arrest and the charges imposed on him. His mugshot soon became a talk of the town.