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Sushma Swaraj Asks Twitter For Help To Find Family of Indian Killed in Ethiopian Plane Crash

Image Credits: Twitter/shikha_un

Image Credits: Twitter/shikha_un

Twitterati responded to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj's tweet asking for help to get in touch with the family of an Indian woman who was on the Ethiopian Boeing 737 MAX Flight which crashed.

Raka Mukherjee
  • Last Updated: March 11, 2019, 12:49 PM IST
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An Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max 8 bound for Nairobi crashed minutes after taking off from Addis Ababa on Sunday, killing all 157 people on board. It was the second crash of the 737 MAX, the latest version of Boeing's workhorse narrow body jet that first entered service in 2017.

Out of the 157 passengers, there were four Indians aboard the plane.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj indentified the deceased Indian nationals on Twitter and sought help in finding the families.

"@IndiaInEthiopia has informed me that the deceased Indian nationals are Vaidya Pannagesh Bhaskar, Vaidya Hansin Annagesh, Nukavarapu Manisha and Shikha Garg," Swaraj tweeted.

She also announced that a consultant with the Ministry of Environment was killed in the crash as well.

"My colleague Dr.Harshvardhan has confirmed that Ms.Shikha Garg is a Consultant with Ministry of Environment and Forests. She was travelling to attend UNEP meeting in Nairobi. I am trying to reach the families of other Indian nationals," tweeted Sushma Swaraj.

Following this, Sushma Swaraj asked Twitter to help her reach out to the UN consultant's family.

Twitter appears to be obliging her with leads.

People have also started using the hashtag #ShikhaGarg to try and locate her family.

The Ethopian flight crash is the second crash of the 737 MAX, the latest version of Boeing's workhorse narrowbody jet that first entered service in 2017.

In October, a 737 MAX flown by Indonesian budget carrier Lion Air flying from Jakarta on a domestic flight crashed 13 minutes after take-off, killing all 189 passengers and crew on board.

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