Sweden's Lund University Wants You to Know They are Tired of Indian Trolls Making Fun of its Name

Sweden's Lund University Wants You to Know They are Tired of Indian Trolls Making Fun of its Name

The word 'Lund' in Swiss means 'green area' or 'green pastures'.

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  • Last Updated: July 31, 2020, 1:35 PM IST
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Lund University in Sweden, founded in 1666, is one of Europe's oldest and most respected universities. According to its own website, the university has been consistently ranked among the world's top 100 universities for a few years now.

Yet, for some crass Indians, the university, also known as Lunds Universitet, is nothing but a source of memes and jokes reeking of sexual innuendos. All because of its name. So much so that the university had to issue a statement, directed specifically at Indians, to refrain from passing lewd comments.

The university is located in, as the name suggests, the city of Lund which is situated in the province of Scania. Lund. The history of the university mentions that its namesake is an ancient town of great cultural and historical significance. The word "Lund" in Swiss means "green area" or "green pastures."

It is a well-known fact that a word in one language may mean something else entirely in another language. In India, 'Lund' is a Hindi slang and commonly used expletive. Naturally, some thought it was okay to make fun of the university, on the university's official Facebook page, circulate it among their friends and make unfunny, juvenile memes about it. However, this is not just specific to India, but other Hindi speaking countries like Pakistan as well.

In a statement on Facebook, representatives of the university wrote, "We have had this Facebook page for ten years now and every now and then it is "rediscovered" by students in certain countries who spread it to their friends. We are well aware that our name is entertaining to you and with thousands of languages in the world, there will of course always be words that sound funny in another language."

They continued, "Every year, we receive applications from 170 countries around the world from students who would like to receive a degree from a top-ranked university. If you are not a prospective student, we would appreciate if you could write your comments directly to your friends and not on our page."

The statement has gone viral on social media.

The admins of the page said in the statement that they have to spend hours filtering through the comments and deleting crass jokes. "As admins of the page, we need to spend hours deleting hundreds of comments to keep the page manageable, relevant and available for serious student questions. Thank you," the statement reads.

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