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'Sweetwater' and YouTuber Rob Scallon Team up to Break World Record for Largest Guitar Pedalboard

Screenshot from video uploaded by Rob Scallon / YouTube.

Screenshot from video uploaded by Rob Scallon / YouTube.

It took 319 pedals, 34 pedalboards, and 500+ feet of cable for Sweetwater, an online retailer of musical instruments and pro audio equipment and YouTube sensation Rob Scallon to assemble world’s largest guitar effect pedalboard.

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It took 319 pedals, 34 pedalboards and 500+ feet of cable for Sweetwater to make history by assembling the world’s largest guitar effect pedalboard, a feat that has been officially verified by Guinness World Records.

YouTube sensation Rob Scallon played through the 'board' at Fort Wayne's Clyde Theatre, accompanied by Robert Keeley (Keeley Electronics), Josh Scott (JHS Pedals), Ryan Dick (Temple Audio) and Brian Wampler (Wampler Pedals).

Notably, the Sweetwater team followed strict guidelines to break the record, with no duplicate pedals, switching systems and by using pedals that are available only from recognised manufacturers.

The previous record was set in 2008 with 142 pedals which was comprehensively smashed by Sweetwater's effort, which cost him USD 90,000 and boasts of 1248 knobs, measures 70 feet long and required 34 power supplies just to be turned on.

According to Sweetwater's website, the seed was planted in world-famous YouTube guitarist Rob Scallon’s head as he stood in front of the enormous collection of pedals in the Sweetwater Music Store in Fort Wayne.

The effort two wo days of unboxing, assembling, testing, wiring, cabling, troubleshooting, and experimenting before all 34 pedalboards were connected and in position, it was time to listen.

The record attempt also saw a special guest artist drop by. Alex Lifeson of Rush too could not miss a chance to geek out with other guitar players and dropped by during the record attempt.

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