Tamil Nadu Ragpicker Spends Life Savings of Rs 11 Lakh to Install His Life-Statue

The statue (left), representative image (right).
(Credit: Twitter)

The statue (left), representative image (right). (Credit: Twitter)

The man paid another sum of Rs 1 lac to a local sculptor to create his life-statue.


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A rag picker from Tamil Nadu's Salem district has spent all his life savings to erect a lief-statue of himself on a plot of land he recently bought.

Always wanting to make a name for himself, A. Nallathambi of Atthanurpatty village, earns his living by picking discarded bottles from the street. Recently he spent Rs 10 lac to buy a plot of land, to build his own statue on it.

“When I was young, I wanted to make a name for myself. I wanted a statue of my own. I have fulfilled my dream now,” he said to Times of India.

Nallathambi, who was a mason in his former years, gave up the work after it became too demanding. Eventually he also had a fall out with his family and left Anaimedu village to start looking out for himself.

He then took up the task of a rag picker and at present earns between Rs 200- Rs 300 for a living by collecting plastic bottles and other recyclable products.

With all the money he had saved right from his days of masonry, Nallathambi purchased two plots of land, each of 1200 sqkm on Vazhapadi-Belur village road. He then paid another sum of Rs 1 lac to a local sculptor to create his life-statue.

Nallathambi, who severed all ties with his family 20 years ago, didn't want to share his wealth with anyone. Hence, he spent all that amount in fulfilling his lifelong dreams.

The statue, that has been erected on a pedestal and with a rooftop, reportedly resembles that of a medieval Tamil chieftain.

Nallathambi now plans to have a grand unveiling of his own statute amid curious onlookers already gathering around the sculptor.

Few day back, a 74-year-old business from Tamil Nadu's Madurai has installed a life-size statue of his late wife at his home to not miss the feeling of her constant presence.

Earlier to it, a Karnataka man hosted a housewarming ceremony in his newly-constructed home. Among the many near and dear ones who graced the occasion was the statue of Srinivas Murthy's wife. Decked in a pink saree and gold jewellery, Madhavi sat atop a sofa, with a smile on her face.

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