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Tasmania Receives Snowfall after 25 Years, Images go Viral on Social Media

Snowy conditions at Mt Field National Park, Tasmania/@SNOWSEARCH_aus/Twitter

Snowy conditions at Mt Field National Park, Tasmania/@SNOWSEARCH_aus/Twitter

The island state of Tasmania woke up to a 'snowy' day on Thursday as streets were wrapped in a thick skin of snow after almost 25 years, and residents taking to social media displaying their glee and surprise amidst the pandemic.

It’s been 25 years since it has snowed heavily in the island state of Tasmania in Australia and residents woke up to a cold start on Thursday with the streets and houses covered in a white sheet of snow. Witnessing the phenomena after long, people have taken to social media in large numbers, posting pictures and videos of the ‘snow flakes’ and chilly mornings.

Kiani Chippendale, 26, told CNN that she’d never seen snow in the city of Launceston. “We stayed up all night, too excited to sleep!” she said. “Very rare. It’s never snowed here in the city that I know of … not in my lifetime anyway.” Another resident, Stacey Baker added, “We were all shocked and excited to see the snow. The kids couldn’t wait to get out and play in it. Such a beautiful surprise for such a tough year for many.”

The Bureau of Meteorology taking to Twitter reported on the Launceston airport being covered in snow on August 5 and the weather at around 2.4 °C.

“The airport has had 41 mm of rainfall since 9 AM yesterday, some of which fell as snow as the cold southerly air pushed across,” it tweeted.

A user sharing a picture wrote, “This is the first time since 1984 (I’m told) that it has snowed in Launceston down to sea level. Normally it only snows in the mountains.”

Here is a look at some other tweets and picturesque views shared online.

Tasmania’s enthralling winter steeps up to an enchanting beauty with sharp winds and snows covering hill tops and eucalyptus trees as businesses shut during these days and a view of residents stuck in traffic trying to reach home presents a common sight.

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