Teetotallers Want #LiquorFreeIndia a Month After No Alcohol. Memes Keep 'Spirits' Alive

Meme tweeted by @atulrao07.

Meme tweeted by @atulrao07.

It's been a month since alcohol shops have seen the day, thanks to coronavirus lockdown.

Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the pan-India lockdown on March 24 to break the chain of coronavirus pandemic, the state governments have been working towards ensuring that the aam janta have access to essentials.

With cases of Covid-19 steadily increasing by the day, Modi addressed the nation again and extended the lockdown to May 3.

The PM also asserted that delivery of essentials and grocery shops shall remain open during this period and day to day items be available at the doorsteps of citizens.

However, there was no mention of alcohol in his addresses to the nation - much to the disappointment of many. For those in Bengal who had emptied the remaining stock of liquor bottles in their houses, a sign of hope came with the news of booze delivery doing the rounds of social media. Their "spirits" soon dampened as it turned out to be a hoax.

As alcohol shops remained shut for a month, teetotallers and 'health experts' on Twitter rubbed salt (and lemons) into the wounds of drinkers by trending #LiquorFreeIndia.

The hashtag, fortunately, was hijacked soon by the funny people of Twitter who then imagined the difficult times for the drinkers with intoxicating memes.

Many others felt kick bad habits in lockdown was 'worth a shot'.


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