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Telugu YouTuber Chased by a Crow for 7 Days in Serbia, Video Goes viral

A crow chased a Telugu YouTuber for  seven days 
| Image credit: YouTube

A crow chased a Telugu YouTuber for seven days | Image credit: YouTube

A Telugu travel YouTuber named Anvesh was chased around by a squawking crow for seven days during his recent trip to Serbia.

Hyderabad: A Telugu youth who dubs himself a ‘world traveller’ and YouTuber faced a unique problem on one of his recent trips abroad. The YouTuber, named Anvesh, was recently visiting Serbia in Europe when he was chased around by a crow for seven days. The crow followed Anvesh around for seven days and squawked at him angrily as if he was its rival.

Anvesh a YouTuber with whose YouTube page Naa Anveshana has over 220k followers, was on a world tour and as part of it, he reached Serbia and checked into a hotel. That was where he was attacked by the obsessive crow. A video of a crow attack was shared by him on his YouTube channel and has since gone viral with over a lakh views.

In the video message, he expressed his confusion and concern after the crow got revengeful on him. It frequently chased and tried attacking him, the YouTuber deplored while pointing at the crow. “It was trying to kill me and I am afraid of its constant chasing,"


Unable to bear it once I felt to die, and had to vacate my hotel room.

Anvesh told his followers.

He filmed how the crow chased and screeched at him and tried to cause inconvenience by frequently attacking him at his hotel in Serbia. He also said that as soon he came out of the hotel, the crow started chasing him. He also accused the crow of identifying him by his clothing and trying to kill him. He also added that the crow was not letting him move as he was constantly attacking him. “Whether I go, either to a restaurant or to a market or outside the crow is just crying and chasing me," he bemoaned

“It got revengeful on me, it seems, and follows me wherever I go and I did not venture outside for sometimes due to Crow’s attack," Anvesh said as he shared his bitter experience in the video with netizens. According to his tale, the crow followed him straight for seven days throughout his stay in Serbia.

“Unable to face this unabated ordeal by the crow for 7 days I had to check out the hotel," Anvesh ads in the video. The viral video got many responses from netizens. While some couldn’t help but laugh, others expressed concerns about the YouTuber’s safety.

Anvesh (meaning search) claims he is a “world traveller" who is in search of something through the tour but was met with the obstacle in the face of a vengeful bird.

However, some experts in Ornithology say that birds never cause danger or attack people unless they face some problem or attack by people,

The birds living in residential areas sit on branches of trees and are known to cry. Crying is common for birds and they do not deliberately attack or chase anyone the experts feel.

According to them, perhaps the crow faced a problem or damage to his livelihood nest and was thus acting out. As somebody might have attacked the blackbird or its nest, it might have chased Anvesh, they sum it up.

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first published:June 14, 2021, 17:07 IST