Temple Wins Hearts for Feeding Stray Dogs With Milk Received in Rituals, Video Goes Viral

Screenshot of the video.

Screenshot of the video.

The video shows milk being poured in feeder trays and dogs stand near the edge to feed on it.

A heartwarming video of dogs being fed milk at a temple has left the internet filled with love.

According to a video shared by a Facebook page named ‘Animal matter to me, Mumbai’ this temple uses milk that is collected for rituals to feed the stray dogs.

In the video it can be seen that people are pouring giant cans of milk in feeder trays. As the milk is being poured, dogs gather around the trays to consume it. The sight of this entire process will surely bring a smile to your face.

Till now, the video has been viewed over 52,000 times and has been liked by more than 5,000 people.

Many people in the comments have mentioned how this is the best way to utilise milk that is offered in the temples. One person said, “It's a very nice thing, it should be followed by all the temples so that there are no strays hungry” another one mentioned, “This should be made mandatory in all temples and place of worship for all animals and children on streets”

However, some people also stressed upon the fact how milk is not a very good food option for the furry animal. A user commented, “Milk is a good source of calcium for us, but isn't such a healthy choice for our dogs. That's because many dogs are lactose intolerant – milk can upset their stomach, give them gas or cause them to bloat. It used to be common for people to give milk to puppies”, a different user wrote, “Its not a good choice for adult non human animals . They may get sick , even die …”

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