Tennessean Lawyer Drinking 'Water' out of Hershey's Syrup Bottle Leaves Twitter Confused

(Image credit: Twitter/  @Natalie_Allison)

(Image credit: Twitter/ @Natalie_Allison)

Why a Hershey's chocolate syrup bottle? And Calfee's answer to that is something you may relate to.

A Tennessee state representative recently spotted drinking out of a Hershey's chocolate syrup bottle on the House Floor, has raised a lot of speculations regarding the liquid he was sipping.

According to reports, the Republican from Kingston, Kent Calfee went viral on social media when he was noticed by a journalist drinking from the bottle on Monday, while everyone waited for Gov. Bill Lee's second State of the State address to begin.

Later, Calfee revealed what he was having from the bottle, and it was just 'water'.

With that comes the next question, but why a Hershey's chocolate syrup bottle? And Calfee's answer to this has baffled social media.

"It's a repurposed syrup bottle that I drink my water out of," Calfee said to a journalist adding that he is not going to spend some Rs 17,000 or Rs 2400 or in fact a sum of Rs 3000 to buy himself a water bottle, which he might leave somewhere.

As per reports, Calfee also mentioned that he and his wife "recycle everything."

"I was fixing to put it in the plastic recycling one day at home, and I thought, shoot, I can put water in that," Calfee said.

But Calfee admits that he doesn't remember whether he ever had Hershey's chocolate syrup, yet he keeps that bottle in front of desk and keeps refilling it only with water.

He was spotted drinking by Tennessean journalist, Natalie Allison, who took to Twitter to share it.

In no time, the image was quick enough to draw attention of netizens, who were 'terrified' to see this and pretty much found it difficult to digest.

Many even doubted whether it was really water or alcohol, but Calfee said that he has stopped drinking since December 1978.

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