Terrifying Model of Future-Humans Depicts How Office Workers Might Look 20 Years Later

Terrifying Model of Future-Humans Depicts How Office Workers Might Look 20 Years Later

Meet Emma, the scientifically created future-human-like model with a hunched back.

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  • Last Updated: October 26, 2019, 11:45 AM IST
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Anyone with a 9-5 day job is no stranger to back pain, headache, dizziness and eye-pain. Desi parents often complain that kids these days have all kinds of unwarranted health problems. "What will happen to you 20 years later when you hit the old-age?" they ask pertinently.

Well, we are likely to become like "Emma", the scientifically created a humanoid model with a hunched back, meant to represent the future of human bodies. The idea is simple yet symbolic: we are putting our health at stake and if we don't "act upon the problems of poor office health", all of us may soon end up looking like Emma.

Emma has been developed with unpleasant and permanent health problems like a hunched back, varicose veins and bloodshot eyes.

Sitting for hours in a bad posture could lead to a painful, bent back. Varicose veins result from uneven blood flow and red eyes are a result of constantly staring at the screen. Emma also boasts a rotund belly, which is a result of the persistent desk-bound way of her life.

According to Mirror.uk, William Higham, behavioural futurist and author of 'The Work Colleague Of The Future' report said, "Employers and workers really need to act now and address the problem of poor workplace health."

He further added that if we didn't bring about "radical changes to our working lives", by moving more, taking more frequent walking breaks, changing our postures at the desks or "considering improving our work station set up", we hold serious chances of falling sick.

The study suggested how large sections of worker in the United Kingdom are already suffering from sore eyes, migraines, headaches, weight issues, swollen wrist etc.

As per Ladible, the report suggests the addition of further health impairments such as, "dry, red eyes from staring at a computer screen, swollen wrists and ankles due to repetitive movements, sallow skin from years of being under artificial lights, red upper arms from laptop heat etc."

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