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The 10 annoying friends we all have

The 10 annoying friends we all have

We all need friends to have fun, but, there are some who are just, plain annoying. Here are 10 such.

All of us need friends to make our lives more interesting, don't we? But, what do we do if some of them make it bit too much to handle? Here's a list of ten annoying yet typical friends we all have. Agreed, they can be a handful, but then, what's life without them too?

####The love struck: If Yash Raj Films has had an impact on anyone it’s this lot of love-struck monsters. They have the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend who calls them up at least 20 times a day. If you’re single, this species are most likely to annoy you as they are experts in rubbing their ’luck in love’ self in your face, especially on your worst days.

The size zero: If Kareena Kapoor in ’Tashan’ didn’t make you feel bad enough about yourself, you can bank on your suddenly size zero friends to do it for you. The strangest thing about this kind is that they lose the flab when it matters most. From a big fat pig in school, they turn into supermodels by the time it’s time for college. What timing no?

The new mother: Baby diapers, burps, farts and baby talk are topics friends are not interested in. Period. But the new mother in your group of friends always always treats her case to be an exception. Why, God, Why? She won’t stop talking about her all nighters and diaper changing experiences. Will someone please tell them nobody is interested?

The rich brat: "She’s got everything that money can buy, she’s the apple of her daddy’s eye." Need we say more?

The drunk: The friend has a typical routine when it comes to drinking - drink, drink some more, talk s**t, drink some more, cry and then vomit all over the place. This species is, by far, the most annoying kind. However, they are also the ones most missed during hang outs. Come on, guys, be honest!

The dominatrix: She’s the puppeteer of the group. She controls the conversations, the gossip and even the places where all want to hang out. If she has a Chinese craving when you’re in the mood for some burger, be prepared to dine alone! Things will go her way.

The confused one: These kinds are always looking for advise. Be it relationships, jobs or clothes, they must discuss it all. But, even after sessions and sessions of advise, this one will do whatever he or she wants to. What a waste!

The British: Groups are scary to this one, they prefer divide and rule. He or she needs to connect with members of a group on an individual basis only. They can be very annoying if everyone wants to play games instead of gossip.

The crib pot: The one that is too sensitive. Can’t take a joke, can’t take no and is always bickering about her boyfriend who forgot to say ’I love you’ before hanging up. The other million times that he did say it almost always doesn’t count.

The bad debt: This type of friend doesn’t stop asking for money. Like ever! And, you can safely consider all that money lent to him or her bad debts.

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first published:December 31, 2013, 11:04 IST