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The Brutal Jet Airways Ad Taking A Dig At Indigo Controversy Is Fake. Here's Proof.

Photo credits: ANI / Twitter

Photo credits: ANI / Twitter

Earlier today, after Indigo incident went viral, the airline's rival Jet Airways found themselves dragged into the controversy.

Anurag Verma
  • CNN-News18
  • Last Updated: November 8, 2017, 6:38 PM IST
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As the video of two IndiGo Airlines staffers pinning a flyer down to the ground and thrashing him went viral on social media, a fake picture masquerading as a Jet Airways' campaign started doing rounds on the Internet.

The viral advertisement with Jet Airways logo on it mocked Indigo for the incident.

The online ad which says "we beat our competition, not you," started spreading like wildfire on microblogging site Twitter and many prominent handles lauded Jet Airways' marketing team for their brutal and innovative ad.

As it turns out, the ad is fake. Yes.

Taking to their official Twitter account, Jet Airways was quick to issue a clarification.

"Jet Airways Statement:

Jet Airways did not commission the creative being shared on social media platforms, in context of a recent event concerning another domestic airline.

The creative does not reflect our philosophy and ethos and is in fact, in bad taste."

The Indigo drama unfolded on October 15. The man in blue shirt, Vinay Katiyal, and staff members argued over something before entering a scuffle. Katyal could be seen muttering his way through these staffers to a bus waiting for him to board it. One of the staff members, visibly annoyed, behind him, took an offence, asked the bus to move and his colleague not to let Katyal get on it.

In the video, Katyal is asking the staffer, "How dare you touch me?" Katyal, then, grabbed the staff member by his lapel, and the two people got involved in a fistfight.

After the social media uproar, the company issued an apology.

The airline added, "Treating our customers with respect is core to what we do. Every day we take tens of thousands of happy customers to where they need to get to. It is for this reason that customers choose IndiGo more number of times than any other airline in the country. An incident happened in Delhi airport which is entirely the opposite of this and against what we stand for at IndiGo. The video of this incident came to our attention and we took action. Even while the investigation was going on we immediately suspended the involved employees. I personally spoke to the customer and apologised to him the very same day. Whatever may have been the provocation, our staff were completely out of line and didn't follow laid down procedures.... Under the code of conduct violation, this incident was investigated by the designated committee and stern action was taken against the staff who was he main culprit by immediately terminating his employment. He was the one found instigating and aggravating the situation. He is the exact opposite of what IndiGo's customer service aims to be."

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