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The French are Being Urged to Eat More Cheese as an Act of 'Patriotism' amid Covid-19 Crisis


Last Updated: May 03, 2020, 11:48 IST

Image credit: AFP (Representational)

Image credit: AFP (Representational)

After Belgians were asked to eat more fried potatoes, dairy producers are now urging the French to consume more cheese.

Days after Belgium asked its residents to eat fried potatoes twice a week to support potato farmers amid the coronavirus crisis, citizens of France are now being asked to increase their intake of cheese.

To save the country's famous fromage, dairy producers have asked French citizens to show their patriotism for the country by eating more cheese.

In a press release by the French dairy industry, France Terre de Lait, said that in the wake of coronavirus, consumption of cheese in the country has dropped by 60 percent, The Telegraph reported. This fall in sales has been due to the closure of supermarkets and restaurants as well as dairies.

Due to the lockdown, the French have only been buying essential goods and as per reports, fear of germs has also caused a drop in sale o o we the counter cheese products.

France isn't the only European country to ask it's citizens to increase the intake of a certain product or dish such as Belgian frites.

As per a report in the Economic Times, European farmers are facing a crisis much like the one faced due to overproduction in the 1980s leading to surplus supplies and low demand.

Apart from dairy and potato farmers, wine makers across Europe have also been hit by the coronavirus pandemic. As per a local European trade body, wine sales have dropped by 35 percent across Europe with it's value declining by 50 percent.

To aid the meat industry, the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board in the United Kingdom has started a #steaknights campaign on social media to urge British residents and home cooks to eat more beef steak.