The Real Reason Why Donald Trump Unfollowed 'Good Friend' PM Narendra Modi on Twitter

File photo of US President Donald Trump with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (Image: Reuters)

File photo of US President Donald Trump with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (Image: Reuters)

Trump had even tweeted saying PM Modi was his friend and he wouldn't forget his "friend's" help during the coronavirus crisis.

Jashodhara Mukherjee
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  • Last Updated: April 30, 2020, 11:13 PM IST
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The official Twitter handle of the President of the United States of America, The White House, and the POTUS himself, Donald Trump, have now unfollowed Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the social media platform. But why?

It was only three weeks ago when the White House followed PM Modi, President Ram Kovind and other Indian handles. PM Modi was also the only foreign prime minister to have been followed by Trump.

This sudden end of friendship has obviously given rise to conspiracy theories on Twitter.

A few days ago, Trump had urged Modi to lift the ban on the export of hydroxychloroquine, a drug which Trump had repeatedly promoted as a miraculous solution to coronavirus. After Trump's request, Modi had lifted the ban on the drug's export. Trump tweeted that he wouldn't forget his "friend's" help during the coronavirus crisis.

But if that was really the case, why did Trump unfollow Modi on Twitter?


On April 4, The Directorate General of Foreign Trade had issued a notification putting a complete prohibition on the export of hydroxychloroquine and its formulations, given that India is one of the largest manufacturers of the anti-malaria drug.

But Trump wasn't too happy with this. India may have to bear the brunt of America's "retaliation" if it does not lift hold on the export of hydroxychloroquine, he had warned.

"I spoke to him (PM Modi) on Sunday morning and I said we appreciate it that you are allowing our supply (of Hydroxychloroquine) to come out, if he doesn't allow it to come out, that would be okay, but of course, there may be retaliation, why wouldn't there be?" Trump had said.

Hours later, the Modi government relaxed the ban on the drug. It seemed like India had made its way into Trump's good books once again as the US President tweeted, showering praises on Modi and thanked them for relaxing the ban.

But was that the real reason for their end of friendship on Twitter? The reason might not have anything to do with hydroxychloroquine at all.

Once people started raising questions, a White House spokesperson explained to PTI that their Twitter handle and Donald Trump only follows other foreign handles when the POTUS is about to make a trip to any country for official reasons. Those handles are then followed to show support or retweet important updates regarding the visit.

To jog your memories, Trump visited India in the last week of February for the mega 'Namaste Trump' event.

The White House official also clarified that their Twitter handle, and that of Trump only follow accounts related to the US administration, like First Lady Melania Trump, the Vice President, the Second Lady and so on.



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