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There's a PUBG Themed Cafe in Jaipur Where Even 'Losers' Can Now Have 'Chicken Dinner'

There's a PUBG Themed Cafe in Jaipur Where Even 'Losers' Can Now Have 'Chicken Dinner'

Have you visited PUBG Jaipur yet?

Jaipur is now serving "chicken dinner" for real and the PUBG fans couldn't have asked for more.

Fun activity: If you're at college or your workplace, look around and you'll probably end up finding a bunch of people immersed in their smartphone screens, playing the massively popular multiplayer game - PUBG.

Such is the rage around PUBG or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the game that has clocked in more than 100 million downloads since it first dropped on the App Store and Google Play Store in March. Even the Indian cricket team was spotted playing the viral game in their chill time.

In fact, Mumbai recently hosted a PUBG Mobile Campus Championship and the winning team, "The Terrifying Nightmares," took home a whopping cash prize of Rs 15,00,000.

And now, as bizarre as it may sound, the Rajasthani capital of Jaipur has a PUBG themed cafe and it surely is turning heads online and offline.

Named PUBG (duh!)- PlayerUnknown's Belly Grounds, the restaurant-cafe which is just a week old, has already opened to great response, reveals owner Ashish Choudhary.

A Jaipur resident, Choudhary, 31, along with his friend Rahul, decided to dive into the industry after a friend devised the idea of a PUBG-themed cafe. The PUBG fanboy in them made it easier to take the decision instantly.

"We are players. We have played PUBG for days and nights together. We had a friend over who came up with the idea of PUBG-themed cafe. And it clicked immediately."

Choudhary reveals that this is his maiden stint as a restauranteur and is pretty much excited and looking forward to how it goes. "Rahul and I have graduated in Hotel Management. We were in the hotel sector before this. We are professionals. It isn't a random stint like a startup. We have thought this through."

In times like these, something that goes viral online stays relevant for a while only to fade away into the oblivion. Remember Pokemon Go? So it wouldn't come as a surprise if the buzz around PUBG dies down in the coming months. But Choudhary is confident. "I don't know. We aren't thinking about it. I feel it won't go outdated anytime soon. There's a lot the game will have to offer in the future. There will be a lot we will have to offer."

Choudhary, who has been getting offers to open PUBG cafe outlets in other cities, also has included a special dish on the menu.

Yes, you can have the famed 'Chicken Dinner' from the game in reality now.

For those unaware of the phrase - 'Winner Winner Chicken Dinner,' it is a line that flashes on your screen when you win a PUBG Game.

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The buzz around the cafe started when a Redditor posted a collage on the platform.

The PUBG puns were on the menu as well.

Fad or not, many believe that PUBG is here to stay, while others were simply in disbelief.