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These Are the Emojis Most Common With Gen Z, and We Get Why: They're 🔥

Image credits: News18.

Image credits: News18.

Unsure what these emojis mean? Here's our guide.

July 17 is observed as the unofficial celebration of our great dependence on the use of emoticons. These icons help in emoting better and easily.

As the days go, our use and structuring of emoticons have changed and these keep changing according to the current trends and pop culture. The generation Z has grown up with the emojis, unlike the other generations. Also, several of the Gen Z emojis can become inconceivable for the older folks.

So here is a guide to help you with that.



This is one of the most commonly used emojis of this day and has its roots in the hype of TikTok. According to Stayhupp.com, this brief comment is meant to denote a bystander who witnessed the shooting of a cringe TikTok video and had a disgusted or shocked look on their face.


Gen Z is much more aware of the gender spectrum than the earlier generations. This emoji is frequently used to represent and support the pride movement.


Yes, it is a goat, but not in the literal sense. When not alluding to the animal, this emoji stands for an acronym GOAT for Greatest Of All Time.


This has several meanings, it can stand for “absolutely", " Keep it real" Or even “keep it 100". It is used for showing full-on support for anything.


This flame or fire emoji is literally used to describe something as hot or for metaphorical expressions of saying something is “lit" or trendy.


A very popular emoji this can be seen as captions to social media posts. Titled, “call me hand" emoji, this basically mimics the sign of making a telephone with hand and its use can mean that you are asking someone to call you.


This represents love or works as the I love you symbol.

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first published:July 17, 2020, 13:38 IST