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These Young Boys are in Tears as They Unbox their Surprise Christmas Gift

Screenshot of the video.

Screenshot of the video.

Looks like the little furry gift will be adored by the siblings.

Christmas carol, bells, snow, Santa Claus and surprise gifts. The festive vibes are ehre once again and cakes will find their way soon. The Christmas gifts are something that people wait for the most. And what better than life changing gifts.

That is what happened with three brothers who got a life changing pre-Christmas gift this year. In a video that has been shared on Reddit, a living room is seen all decorated and geared up for the Christmas. Three boys sitting on the couch are asked to close their eyes for a surprise. When they are told to open their eyes, the youngest boy rushes towards the box.

The little man has some difficulty in opening the box and one of the elder brothers steps in to help. On opening the box, they see a little puppy in it. Their new furry family member is wearing a red Christmas-y dress. The other elder brother is so happy that he is unable to hold back his emotions and is seen crying. After a couple of seconds, the other brother passes him their new family member and one can see how adorably all three of them are petting the puppy.

The heart-warming video has been captioned as, “Santa came early and dropped off a gift for these boys.”

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Since being posted on the portal, the clip has only received lots of love and admiration from the netizens. Some users have also remarked upon how the youngest brother is concerned about his crying older brother. A person said, “Aw the gentle comforting the little boy tries even though he's excited for the puppy,” another person who commented upon the same lines, said, “So sweet! I love how the little boy was comforting his big brother. They look like a lovely family.”

A person also remarked upon the parenting skills, stating that the empathy in children is an evidence of it. He said, “That little boy's voice killed me. These are great parents, you can tell by how the kids have so much empathy.”

first published:December 03, 2020, 19:29 IST