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This Bengali Cover of '500 Miles' by Two Kids is the Best Thing on the Internet Today

Credits: YouTube/ 
Arindom Chakraborty

Credits: YouTube/ Arindom Chakraborty

A cover of the classic song ‘Five Hundred Miles’ sung by two boys has been circulated online. The boys in the video are cousins and their band ‘Udla Ga’ (bare Body).

Bobby Bare’s hit song ‘Five Hundred Miles’ rocked the world and peaked at No.1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1963 and was at No.5 on the Billboard Hot Country in 1964. Through the years, it has been remade and released in different languages across the world. It’s Hindi rendition, ‘Tum Dena Saath Merais’ close to every Indian music lover. However, the most adorable version of the song has recently taken the internet by storm and it is in Bangla. The Bengali version is sung by two boys, Anwoy Chakraborty, 8, and Anwesh Kanjilal, 15, who are cousins who run the band ‘Udla Ga'(Bare Body). The two young kids have won hearts by their soothing voice and Anwesh’s ukulele playing skills. The video was shared on social media by Anwoy’s father, Arindom Chakraborty, whose younger brother had written the lyrics for Bengali version.

In the almost two-minute-long clip, two boys can be seen sitting bare chested with only a bandana tied on their heads. Watch the delightful melody here:

Arindom told India Today, they hadn’t planned to make the video but it happened randomly after his younger brother shared the lyrics on their family Whatsapp group. He added that Anwesh, his nephew and his son, Anwoy share their love for music and have a great bond. Initially, they were reluctant about recording the video when asked if they were comfortable with a camera, as they were not wearing any clothes but Arindom assured them that he would record the video in such a way that it wouldn’t be embarrassing. And eventually, they were convinced.

The duo had been practising it for some days before their cover was recorded and following an edit, it was uploaded online and it broke the internet. Arindom further revealed that the Bengali dialect used in the lyrics is different from commonly spoken language. He added that the next generation might never use it, so he wants to keep it as an archive for these kids. He states that when both of them will grow up, they will know about the existence of such dialect, hence, he felt the necessity to make the video.

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first published:July 06, 2021, 19:05 IST