California Prisoner Goes Viral on TikTok for Grilling Cheeseburgers behind Bars

Representative Image.

Representative Image.

With limited resources behind the bars, Jeron has learnt how to cook and even has become a TikTok star.

A 31-year-old prisoner from Paramount, California has become a TikTok star for his culinary skills.

Prisoner Jeron Combs, who is serving a life-sentence of more than 70 years, has been behind the bars since 18 years of age after being charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder.

With limited resources behind the bars, Combs has learnt how to cook and even has a TikTok page, @mrinnocent72x0, which has gone quite viral.

The inmate uses a broken cooker, which he found from the prison's kitchen, as a hot plate to cook underneath his metal bed, reports The Metro.

Jeron has made elaborate dishes including tacos, breakfast burritos, cakes among others by using pre-packaged items and make-shift grills inside his prison cell.

His latest creation saw Jeron cooking bacon cheeseburger topped with ketchup, mustard and relish.

He said, "I decided to cook because it's better than what they feed us. We get food packages from the canteen, so we can order packaged food in," reports Daily Mail.

Jeron has been cooking food for his cellmate and on some special occasions for his friends too.

Jeron's dsihes have been raking likes on TikTok and he has been too amused to believe that the entire world outside has been following him.

Through his viral TikTok channel, Jeron hopes to show people the reality behind the bars is way different than what has been portrayed in the media and TV shows.

"I don't want people to look down on us because of the mistakes we made and see that jail is a different place for some people," he said.

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