This Cat's Shocked Expression on its Parent's Opera Singing Attempt is Meme Material

Screenshot of the video.

Screenshot of the video.

A short video was shared on Twitter and you will fall in love with cat's tantrums, from hiding in a corner to making a feeble growling sound.

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Cats come with a lot of drama and attitude. You would know it if you are a cat parent. Sometimes they are angry, and sometimes they ignore you bluntly. In short, you can't predict their mood. This video of a cat's reaction o its parent singing an opera only establishes the unpredictability of their moods.

A short video, was shared on Twitter and you will fall in love with cat's tantrums. The cat is first comfortably hiding at its secret place when the pet parent lifts it up. In its reaction, the cat makes a feeble growling sound in anger. The cat parent, not happy with the hissing, starts singing opera as a punishment for the cat. The most hilarious part of the video is the cat’s reaction after listening to the weird sounds of opera.

The caption on the video read, “Cat: I'll never hiss again.”

The 11-second clip has gathered 1.8 million views. More than three thousand people have pressed the like button.

A user wrote, “Put me down! Oh hell, it's singing, stop it from singing,” while others called it cute. Some others even shared their anger for pissing off the feline.

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