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Are We Getting a Vaccine for Coronavirus and Will It End the Pandemic? This Twitter Thread is a Must-Read

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Dr. S Junaid shared a twitter thread to talk about Covid-19 and vaccines. He has given detailed information about the vaccine in simple words, so that people could easily understand it.

Ever since the novel coronavirus has started spreading, there has been a grave concern to find a vaccine for the deadly virus. Scientists and researchers across the world are working hard on different combinations to find ways to develop antibodies against the COVID-19.

Despite months of trials and practice, finding a vaccine for COVID-19 seems like a distant dream. Several studies have also claimed that a COVID-19 vaccine would not be helpful in eradicating the disease or provide lifetime protection.

A doctor by the name S Junaid has recently taken to Twitter to talk about COVID-19 and vaccines. He has explained in detail every minute information that a layman would need to know about.

He began with, “Are we close to getting a vaccine? Yes. Will it stop the pandemic even if moderately effective? Yes. How? We don't need the virus to vanish for the pandemic to end, we just need to control the number of new infections and decease load on hospitals”.

In another thread, he addressed the question of ‘limited immunity’ that has concerned many. He mentioned that it doesn’t matter if the immunity of the person against COVID-19 declines after six months as people can take the COVID vaccine every six months at a small price to pay for this devastating disease. However, he is positive that things will be back to normal as before.

However, the normalization will be in phases as more and more people take the vaccine. Talking about the use of masks, he emphasized on wearing it for the sake of one’s health even if the law cites it unnecessary. He also added that vaccines are already in trial phases.

He concluded the thread, writing, “I am getting tired, everyone will eventually get COVID, I might as well party. No, false, as long as you keep protecting yourself, there's a high chance you won't catch the virus. Keep wearing your mask at *all* times”.

His thread has been widely liked on Twitter. He also replied to individual queries raised by users.

first published:September 04, 2020, 17:19 IST