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This Dussehra, Mumbai Police is Warning People About New-Age Ravana on the Prowl

(Image: Twitter)

(Image: Twitter)

The new age Ravana may not have ten heads, but it is more hi-tech.

Parth Sharma
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The festival of Dussehra is a fitting reminder that good always triumphs evil. And while Ravana, the original villain in Ramayana, was defeated by Lord Ram and everyone ultimately got their happy ending, it all could have been avoided if Sita had not trusted Ravana (then in the guise of a sage) and stepped out of the lakshmana rekha in the first place.

It is 2018 and while Ravana may be resting in his grave, the millennial generation has its own devils to fight and many Ravanas to be defeated. In the age of internet and rampant social media use, it is easy to fall prey to many Ravanas who try to take our advantage under the convenient guise of an innocent persona. However, if we stay alert and take some quick action, we can conquer these new-age Ravanas... and well, not have to engage in a full-fledged war with a ten-headed man in a foreign land.

Taking cue of the growing cyber crimes in the nation, Mumbai police took to Twitter to wish everyone on the occasion of Dussehra by alerting the internet generation of previaling cyber crimes such as phishing, stalking, impersonation, and morphing.

Twitterati, clearly impressed with Mumbai Police's unusual 'Happy Dussehra' wish, appreciated the gesture.

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