This Image of 'Dead Man's Feet' Has Spooked the Internet. Can You Guess What Is It?

(Image credit: Twitter/ @susantananda3)

(Image credit: Twitter/ @susantananda3)

What is this that often looks like a dead man's feet?

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  • Last Updated: June 15, 2020, 4:08 PM IST
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The internet never fails to surprise us with viral images of species, that at times look too bizarre to even believe your eyes.

In one such recent post, an image of a creepy foot that resembles to a human's with a grayish-blue tinge is making rounds on social media.The foot peeks out from beneath a log in a forest.

The post was shared by Indian Forest Official officer Susanta Nanda, who challenged netizens to identify which animal was that. Taking to Twitter he said, "Can you identify this animal?"

The post went on to garner over 1000 likes and netizens thronged to the comment's section to indulge in the guessing game.

However, in a subsequent tweet, Nanda revealed that it's a fungus, called Xylaria polymorpha! And it often looks like a dead man's feet.

Nanda also referred to a publication, First Nature, and according to which, the fungus appears throughout the year at the base of beechwood stumps and occasionally on other buried hardwoods.

"Dead Man's Fingers is a very apt common name for this dull-looking species, which usually arises in tufts of three to six fingers that are often bent and give the impression of arthritic black knuckles," it said.

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