'This is Priceless': Bollywood Actor Arshad Warsi Impressed with This Trick of Learning Punjabi

(Image credit: Twitter/ @j_bindra)

(Image credit: Twitter/ @j_bindra)

Apparently, you can be fluent in Punjabi only if you know when to use which number.

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The Twitter community of India have found an innovative formula to crack open the correct accent for speaking in Punjabi. As genuine Sikh people have confirmed on the social media platform, apparently you can be fluent in Punjabi only if you know when to use which number.

The trick was first shared by a Twitter user @j_bindra on Wednesday. He wrote, “For those who understand #Punjabi, this is priceless!”

He shared a list of words and their subsequent numbers. For example, ‘pickle’ in english is ‘4’ in Punjabi as the ‘a’ in ‘achaar’ is not stressed in Punjabi. Similarly, ‘come outside’ is ‘12’; ‘tell me’ is ‘10’; ‘brother’ is ‘22’; and ‘light’ is ‘32’.

Also, the post pointed out how ‘sleep quickly’ is ‘36, 100’ using the same formula. Here, 36 is pronounced as ‘chetti’, while 100 is pronounced as ‘ssau’. Thus, ‘chetti sau’ becomes sleep quickly.

Netizens were readily impressed with the trick and it was widely retweeted by people.

Many started replying to the thread using the shortcut. One Twitter user wrote, “Sahi gall 22 ji”.

However, some of the Twitterati were having difficulty with cracking open the code to daughter in law.

Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi also stumbled upon the novel formula and shared his resolve of learning the much loved language.

Sharing the same chart, he wrote, “Finally I can learn the language I love..”

So Jaspreet Bindra, who happens to be an author, explained how 9 in Punjabi is pronounced as ‘No’ and daughter in law is ‘Noo’ according to the language.

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